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Sale of adjustable beds

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LITERIE LAVAL specializes in the sale of beds. Find the bed that meets your needs, with us.

A wide selection of adjustable beds for sale in Laval

We offer electric and adjustable beds manufactured by the Rotec factory. Benefit from excellent after-sales service, particularly in the event of mechanical or electrical breakdown. Discover our line of adjustable beds, ideal for home care or long-term hospital care.
You'll also find upholstered beds from the Julien Beaudoin collection. Looking for a contemporary, classic, Zen or traditional style? We've got just what you're looking for.
In addition to adjustable beds, we manufacture and sell mattresses (spring and foam) and top-of-the-range pillows.

Discover our collection of electric and upholstered beds

Laval adjustable bed sales
Our Services
  • Custom innerspring and memory foam mattress manufacturing
  • Design of foam, latex and viscose mattresses
  • Sales of high-end beds and pillows
Our Guarantees
  • Over 38 years' experience
  • Extensive product collection
  • Quebec quality products
  • Simplified delivery with LITvré en boîte
Intervention areas

40 km around Laval, including Montreal's North and South Shores.

Sales of adjustable beds: your comfort is our priority

With your comfort in mind, we offer only top-quality beds. We are also a distributor of platform beds manufactured by the Canadian company Meubles Nouveau Concept Inc.

We offer a wide choice of beds in different colors, finishes and sizes. Take advantage of our delivery and installation service. We service the North and South Shores of Montreal. Discover all the advantages of LITvré in a box

We sell standard and non-standard adjustable beds and matching headboards in Laval

Laval adjustable bed sellers